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vusi the mover and shaker

  • My Growth Fund

    MGF’s ESD solution is tailored to build and support small, micro and medium majority black-owned business enterprises by developing incubator hubs throughout the various townships and rural areas across South Africa.


    We exist for the entrepreneur and our mission is to build 300 sustainable black businesses by 2030 as 90% of new jobs will be created by small and medium businesses.
    Our mission is centred around uplifting previously disadvantaged communities and promoting entrepreneurship in order to combat poverty through sustainable job creation.

  • The Inspiration Project

    A platform for creating, shaping and telling the true African narrative through three, distinct voices.


    Firstly, the Iconoclasts: those who defy convention and define the bleeding edge. Secondly, the Creative Thinkers, who are using their art, music and writing to reshape the way our people see themselves. And, thirdly, the Social Battalions; the politicians, leaders and activists who fight on behalf of those who cannot.


    Africa’s stories should not be told about us – they should be told by us!

  • Iconoclast

    Boutique speaker management agency.


    ‘Anyone with a mic can be a speaker’. Bullshit. The amount of mediocre speakers with irrelevant, marginally interesting stories are diluting the pool for those who have something truly remarkable and disruptive to say. You are judged by the company you keep. There’s everyone else, then there’s the Iconoclasts. The very definition of not ‘everyone else’.


    The 1%. Iconoclast is a high-end, boutique speaker management agency that elevates the extraordinary their appropriate place at the front.